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Candy Floss Machine Hire | Cotton Candy Machine Hire | Cotton Candy Machine Rental, We are South Africa's Preferred Party Machines Rentals Company.

Candy Floss Machine Hire & Cotton Candy Machine Rental will surely be be responsible for the treat that is loved by kids and adults !  Your guests will be thrilled! This easy to use Candy Floss Machines will create the perfect end of party treat that will keep your guest talking for weeks.


Candy Floss Machines Hire Pretoria

Candy floss Machine Hire is great for an extra addition to your party, children and adults can have great fun.
We can either hire the machine to you and you can have the fun in making the candy floss or if you want to mingle in with your guests,we can supply a 
professional operator. It has never been easier to boo a Cotton Candy Machine Hire in your area.
We can cater for small or BIG events so it is great for weddings,fares or corporate events.

Our Candy Floss Sugar isn’t just a colored, it also is flavored too.